Followup 7th “Lean Start-up” Meet-up @Stuttgart

WOW. I think this is the best and shortest way to recap what happened last night at the 7th Lean Start-up Meet-up in Stuttgart. Although as I said, in the previous post, we moved a bit away from the usual entrepreneurship topic, the engagement level of our small crowd was really high.

The topic of last night’s discussion was the brainstorming technique of “the six thinking hats” by Edward de Bono. Although at the beginning the topic seamed, for some of us, to be a bit far-off from our usual topics, we realized, quite soon in our discussion, that one of the main goals the above mentioned technique is to reduce meeting’s time and make them more efficient/productive hence reducing waste, which in term is one of the key principals behind the lean thinking.

After the 20 min. general/theoretical presentation off the topic (speaker’s picture above) we started a small workshop where a meeting topic was put froward to be debated by a member of the audience using the methodology of “the six thinking hats”. The topic that was debated using Edward de Bono’s technique was: university enrollment vs. founding a start-up.

Since I am not going to go into the details of the technique ’cause I am pretty sure all of you know how to use Google and look it up; I am going to jump to the conclusions of our meet-up. The most important take for the last meetup, is that, using this technique a meeting’s moderator will be able to get the best out of each participant so there won’t be only optimists or only pessimists in the audience but everybody has to take turns in thinking about the meeting’s topic in six different ways.

We also realized that like with any other model, technique or methodology, “the six thinking hats” is not perfect and it can’t be applied by the book in any give situation. Like one of our audience members put it at the beginning of the presentation: Why are there 6 hats and not 7 or 4?

It was a great experience and again we need to take off our hats in front of our great host (as always: Harald, you’re the best!). Hope seeing you all again at the 8th Lean Start-up Meet-up next month.


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