Followup 6th “Lean Start-up” Meet-up @Stuttgart

This was the first “Lean Start-up” Meet-up @Stuttgart that took place in the all new coworking0711. Before I jump into the followup of our meetup I would like to take the time to thank once again to our great host Harald Amelung for a super organization and a warm welcome.

The topic of our 6th meet-up was: metrics. Specifically we talked about the Brad Cooper’s “Funnel Matrix” model and the so called pirate metric, the AARRR model. The focus of our discussion was how are they different, what similarities do they have, when & why should we use them, for what type of start-ups should they be used.

A very interesting conclusion that came out of our discussion was that the “retention rate” is very closely tight together to  “consumption” – a funnel stage that is not presented in the “Funnel Matrix” model although it is extremely relevant for companies that focus on non-perishable goods or services where consumption usually takes place at almost the same time as the purchase.

Being such a divers crowd when it comes to the professional backgrounds, where the number of participants with e-Business know-how was small, a big chunk of out time was spent in discussing if either of the models can be implemented for tracking performance of  a non-Internet business model. Conclusion: partially it is possible.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again in our next meetup. Follow me on Twitter @toma_dan or read my blog to find out more about the upcoming meetup in Stuttgart and anything else related to Lean Start-up and international business development.















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