Followup 14th Lean Start-up Meet-up @Stuttgart

One week days ago, on the 28th of May, our small community of lean entrepreneurs from Stuttgart had the pleasure to have Jeff author of Lean UX, as a guest speaker.
Although Jeff was not physically in the same room with us, just Skypeing-in, he delivered a great talk on how to apply Lean Start-up principles in User Experience design and how his book came into being.
Bellow you can find some takeaways from Jeff’s session:
  • the Lean UX team should be cross-functional (engineers, designers, marketeers etc.)
  • the Lean UX team should focus on business outcomes rather than features. What business problem dose our design solve?
  • everyone in the team has to have a saying in the decision making process.
  • the Lean UX team should focus on learning rather than on growth.
  • an important role in any Lean UX team is played the customer. The customer should play an active role – get him involved!

Check here for the pictures and the Q&A session.

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