Followup 10th “Lean Start-up” Meet-up @Stuttgart

The topic can make the difference between a good meet-up and a great one. Last night apart form a great topic we also had an extraordinary co-contributor, here at the Lean Start-up Meet-up Stuttgart, Michael Heimrich.

Michael proved to be not just an expert on the topic of the validation board but also really fun co-contributor, that cracked a joke or two during his presentation of the topic and his personal experience as an user and mentor.

The biggest learning that came out of this meet-up, is that, before spending your first dime on product development you have to get out of the building and spend time on customer development activities – a fact that more often than not is totally neglected by early start-up teams and overlooked by VC/angel founded SMEs.

Here are some useful resources on this topic:

An example on the use of validation board.

How to use the validation board.

Validation board template for download.

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