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Lean Startup Meetup in Stuttgart (by Dan Toma)

4. Corporate & Startup Un-Konferenz am 20. November 2015 im neuen Bosch Campus

Zusammen mit der Bosch Start-up Platform lädt das Leancamp-Team zum vierten Mal Gründungs-Interessierte, Startups, internationale Experten und etablierte Unternehmen nach Stuttgart ein – diesmal erwartet die Gäste unter dem Motto „Teile, lerne, wachse!“ ein umfangreiches Begleitprogramm zur einzigartigen Un-Konferenz. Das

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2nd Stuttgart LeanCamp

The 2nd Stuttgart LeanCamp will take place on the 8th of March at the KPMG headquarters near the Stuttgart Main Station. This event will focus on bridging the gap between the corporate word and the startup one – looking to

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17th “Lean Start-up” Meet-up @Stuttgart

What & Where: “Lean Start-up” Meet-up; Coworking0711, 77a Gutenbergstr., 70197 Stuttgart.When: 11th September 2013; 19:00 Who: Anyone with entrepreneurial mind-set Topic: Silicon Valley vs. Germany – Differences in the entrepreneurial mentalities Co-contributor: Kathleen Fritzsche Cost: Free / Only what you order & if

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Followup 15th Lean Start-up Meet-up @Stuttgart

2 days ago the Lean Start-up Meet-up Stuttgart had a special co-contributor in the person of Ben Y. one of the authors of Lean Analytics. Ben did a great job  explaining the concept of the one metric that matters to

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Followup 14th Lean Start-up Meet-up @Stuttgart

One week days ago, on the 28th of May, our small community of lean entrepreneurs from Stuttgart had the pleasure to have Jeff author of Lean UX, as a guest speaker. Although Jeff was not physically in the same room

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13th “Lean Start-up” Meet-up @Stuttgart

What: “Lean Start-up” Meet-up  Where:Coworking0711, 77a Gutenbergstr., 70197 Stuttgart When: 6th May 2013; 19:00 Who: Anyone with entrepreneurial mind-set Topic:Corporate Entrepreneurship – co-contributor Alexander Buddrick

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Followup Lean Start-up Machine Prague

Last weekend I had the pleasure to attend, as a mentor, to the first Lean Start-up Machine in Prague. This is not a pat on the back post for the local organizers nor for the LSM crew (although I am

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11th Lean Start-up Meet-up @Stuttgart

Really short folks: this week on the 28th of February it will take place the 11th Lean Start-up Meet-up in Stuttgart. As usual it’s a free entrance event for the people with the right attitude; 19:00 at Co-Working0711 on 77a

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Lean Start-up Machine Prague 1-3 March 2013

The famous Lean Start-up Machine is coming near to Germany in the Czech Republic, Prague. From the 1st till the 3rd of March you have the chance to validate your business’ hypothesis and get guidance from a handful of professional

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Followup 10th “Lean Start-up” Meet-up @Stuttgart

The topic can make the difference between a good meet-up and a great one. Last night apart form a great topic we also had an extraordinary co-contributor, here at the Lean Start-up Meet-up Stuttgart, Michael Heimrich. Michael proved to be

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