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Be more innovative.
Stop wasting people’s time.
Be more successful.

Eric Ries

We want to build up a Berlin community in which everybody feels home and likes to talk about their experiences with lean methodologies (e.g. LeanStartup, Bootstrapping, Effectuation, Design Thinking and Customer Development). That’s why we organize a variety of events for you to get to know other entrepreneurs, to take part in workshops or to listen to interesting talks.

Holger Dieterich (Twitter: @holgerd)

Curator of StartupDigest Berlin & Lean Startup Meetup Berlin, & one of the Sozialhelden.

Gregor Gross, Lean Startup Meetup Berlin, denkpass.de
Gregor Groß (Twitter: @gregorgross)
Managing owner at alpha-board GmbH (electronics design and manufacturing services), founder at Lieblingskaro, MASHAMO:kids, and Tigr Solutions (mobile eLearning solutions), blogging at denkpass.de and Startwerk.ch

Matthias Patz, Lean Startup Meetup Berlin
Matthias Patz (Twitter: @matthiaspatz)
IT-Consultant and Innovation Manager DB Systel GmbH