8th Lean Startup Meetup Karlsruhe: Metrics

The first Lean Startup Meetup Karlsruhe in 2013 will happen on January, the 28th. As always, there will be a talk about a Lean Startup topics and an open discussion afterwards.

I am currently writing my bachelor’s thesis about metrics in early stage SaaS startups and will talk about my insights and experiences in this field. Subtopics will be: Funnel Analysis (AARRR-Metrics), Customer Journey, Leading Indicators, Cohort Analysis, Split-Tests and Customer Satisfaction.

RSVP here, it’s free!

PS: You can also suggest sessions and topics you would like to talk about here.

PPS: Help me bringing Leancamp to Karlsruhe, thank you!


Hey, I'm Jan! I'm studying Economics an Business Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and I am organizing the Karlsruhe Lean Startup Meetups since April 2011. My favorite topics: Metrics, Customer Development Interviews and Behavioral Economics.

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