7th “Lean Start-up” Meet-up @Stuttgart

The 7th “Lean Start-up” Meet-up in Stuttgart will move a bit away from the topic of entrepreneurship and more into the field of productivity  with the topic of “The Six Thinking Hats” brainstorming technique forwarded by the renowned international author Edward de Bono.

You might just ask yourself why the shift and why this specific topic. Since a common issue with meeting is start-ups is that everyone wants to speak up his/her mind and the level of emotions usually reaches critical levels, we thought that a topic interesting to be addressed in our meetup is: how can we keep our (brainstorming) meetings shorter while making them more productive and fun at the same time.

The meetup will be structured very simple, as follows: short introduction on the technique and its advantages followed by a workshop using the technique on a topic forwarded my a member of the audience.

Stay tuned for the followup article, pictures and maybe a short movie.


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